Lindsay and The Past + Future

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This one's contributed to my love Lindsay, which is over seas. This is her chance to see my life.
To look back at the memories and the ones to come.

The 3 smaller triangles represents a family member of mine, and its their favorite colors. All combined into one big triangle, which represents my family as a whole.


D’aww baby I miss you too! I’ll keep updating the blog with pic’s of whats going on in my life.
I’m doing great… Or just got home from Prague, which by the way was amazing! But Denmark bores me these days.. 

Love you.
Always yours 


Thanks I have two blogs, one with all of my own pics and what with reblogged. And yeah right back at you (:


Aww baby!! In 2014 we’ll meet once again!

So something dramatic has to happen to me!


  • Getting tattooed next month. 
  • Getting a haircut today.